Wi-Fi name and password

Connect Box 5G

Change network name (SSID) and password

This tells you how to reset or change the Wi-Fi name and password for your Connect Box 5G.

Admin area

How to change the Wi-Fi name and password via your browser.

  1. Open your Internet browser and enter in the address line.

  2. Go to the menu option «Network».

  3. If prompted, enter «Settings Username & Password» (see image «Find login details»).

  4. Select «Wi-Fi Networks».

  5. Select «2.4GHz» or «5GHz» .

  6. Change the «SSID Name» (Wi-Fi network name) and «WPA Key» (Wi-Fi password) and click on «Save Changes» .

  7. After you have changed the SSID and/or the password, you will have to reconnect your devices to the Wi-Fi.


You need to be connected to the Connect Box 5G Wi-Fi (or its LAN cable) to access the admin area. Any devices that were already connected to the Wi-Fi must be connected again after these changes have been made.

Find login details