Explanation of the LEDs on your Connect Pod


When working optimally, the LED is off

If your Connect Pod is working optimally and is connected to the network, the LED is not lit.

Your Connect Pod is processing information
Please be patient for a moment while your Connect Pod establishes a connection or processes changes.
LED is lit up continuously

The Connect Pod is booting up.
This happens as soon as the Connect Pod is connected to a power supply.

LED is blinking steadily

Your Connect Pod is searching for your network and trying to connect.
This can take up to 10 minutes.

LED is blinking continuously

The Connect Pod is now trying to establish a connection to the cloud.

LED is blinking continuously and quickly twice in a row

An optimization process has been initiated, or you have changed the name of your Connect Pod.
Your Connect Pod is currently processing the new information and should be ready for use again in 20 minutes at the latest.

There is a problem with your Connect Pod
If one of the following occurs, unfortunately we have to replace your Connect Pod.
LED is blinking slowly

Your Connect Pod cannot boot up.

LED is blinking rapidly

The ventilation of your Connect Pod is not working properly.

LED has a delayed response when plugged in and then stays lit for an extended period of time

There is a manufacturing error. Your Connect Pod cannot establish a connection.