Frequently asked questions

Why are my subscription fees listed twice on my bill?

When entering into a new contract, you will receive your first bill in the following month.

We will invoice the previous month proportionally – depending on the start date of your subscription. Subscription fees for the second month will be billed in advance, at the start of the month. Hence, your subscription fees are listed twice on your first bill.

How is my bill structured?

You are billed for your subscription fees at the beginning of each month.

Additional services used (e.g. connections abroad or data roaming) are invoiced in the following month.

Please contact our welcome team for support: 0800 707 600

All cancellations of Sunrise subscriptions must be submitted either over the phone or via Sunrise Chat. Written cancellations sent through the mail, via e-mail, via messaging, etc., are not valid. This does not apply to the phone number porting process. You will find contact information for cancellation and further details at

The following are components of the contract: the present contract, the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) and, depending on the associated services, the Special Provisions for Mobile Services or the Special Provisions for Internet, Landline and TV Services and, if need be, the Factsheets and additional published product-related provisions in connection with the products at

For an entry in the telephone directory, you can conveniently enter your contact data online at at any time.