Setting up a hotspot

If your Internet connection isn’t working and your Wi-Fi has left you in the lurch, you can also connect your computer to the Internet by setting up a hotspot on your mobile phone. We’ll show you how to do it here.

To set up the hotspot on your mobile phone, please proceed as follows:

  • Apple iOS:
    Go to Settings > Mobile Network > Personal Hotspot > Activate Hotspot.

  • Android (e.g. Samsung):

    Go to Settings > Mobile Network > Mobile Hotspot and Tethering > Mobile Hotspot > Activate Hotspot.

    As soon as the hotspot is activated on your mobile phone, you can connect your computer to the Internet.

Pairing multiple devices

1. Select your mobile phone’s hotspot name in the Wi-Fi selection on the device you want to use.

2. Enter the password for your hotspot (if you have a password set up).

3. Make the connection.

Extending the battery life of your mobile phone when used as a hotspot

  • Put your mobile phone on charge when using it as a hotspot.

  • Switch off the hotspot when you're no longer using it.

  • If your mobile phone is able to turn off the hotspot for you automatically when no devices are connected, activate this setting.