Limit roaming costs

You can simply set a monthly spending limit for roaming in My Sunrise:

You have the following options for blocking roaming completely or partly:

1. Block roaming completely
Block roaming in the roaming settings in My Sunrise.

2. Data roaming

  • Block all data use abroad in Sunrise Cockpit when you do not have an option or included data volume for roaming.

  • Block all mobile Internet on your mobile phone in My Sunrise. This block also applies within Switzerland.

3. International calls
Block international calls in My Sunrise. In this way, you can block calls from your location abroad to Switzerland or to a third country. You can still make calls within the foreign country.

4. Forwarding calls to your mailbox
While you are abroad, block billable call forwarding to your Sunrise mailbox in your Sunrise Cockpit.

5. Ships and planes
You can use the Sunrise Cockpit to block calls and SMS messages on ships and planes. Data roaming via satellite is always blocked.