Insurances – Sunrise smart protect and Sunrise surf protect

Sunrise smart protect

Start of insurance protection

  • Insurance protection goes into effect upon the conclusion of the insurance contract (date of the contract/sales receipt).

  • When a number is ported, the insurance protection begins when the phone number is actually changed.

  • If the insurance is not taken out with the mobile phone subscription, there is no coverage during the 14-day grace period.

Insure your mobile phone after purchase

  • You can insure a used mobile phone that is still as good as new in any Sunrise shop.

  • The device will be checked for quality in the Sunrise shop. Please bring the sales receipt with you.

  • The device may not be more than twelve months old and must have been purchased in Switzerland.

Report a claim

Report the claim directly to the insurance company online or call +41 58 400 79 97.

Duration and cancellation

The mobile phone insurance has a minimum duration of one month and will then automatically be renewed on a monthly basis. Once the minimum duration has expired, you can cancel it in My Sunrise at any time effective at the end of the following month; in any event, the insurance ends automatically when the Sunrise mobile phone contract is canceled. 

Sunrise surf protect

Online all-inclusive protection

  • Sunrise surf protect protects you against phishing, ransomware, hacking, viruses and botnets while you are surfing and does not require the installation of software on your device.

  • You can decide which numbers will be protected by surf protect in My Sunrise and change the settings at any time.



With surf protect home, all devices that are connected through your Sunrise modem will be protected, whether they are connected by cable or Wi-Fi.