There is no sound on one TV channel

There is no sound on a certain TV channel

What you can do

Check another sound track

If you do not have sound on a certain channel, there may be a problem with an individual sound track. Sometimes TV channels also transmit muted sound tracks, for example if two-channel sound is not available for a program. To check for this, press the «Options» button on your remote control as shown in the image below.

The «Options» menu will appear on the TV screen. Then select the «Audio» option and try out the various sound tracks available for the current program.
Please check the network status

You can view service information and disruptions in real time. Our notifications are constantly being updated. If everything looks okay, please return to this page.

Check network status
Please check your HDMI or audio cable

Please ensure that the HDMI or audio cable (if a specific audio cable is used) is plugged in correctly and free from damage. If the cable is damaged, please order a new one.


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