Setting up parental controls / Changing the PIN code

Do you want to activate parental control for your Sunrise Smart TV or change the PIN code for your parental controls? We’ll show you how here.

Set up parental controls

You can adjust the following settings in the parental controls menu:

  • Parental controls for ComeBack TV: the options are On and Off.

  • Parental controls for On Demand: You can set the following minimum age: Off, Age 6 and up, Age 12 and up, Age 16 and up, Age 18 and up.

Change the PIN code

This step by step guide will help you to change the PIN of your Sunrise TV Box UHD.

  • Press the MENU button to switch to the main menu.

    Using the arrow buttons, navigate to Settings > TV Box PIN.

  • Press the OK button.

    The TV Box PIN menu will appear.

Optional: Use the arrow key to move to the right to change the purchase PIN, used to buy in the Shop.

  • Enter the existing PIN code in the first box using the number keys.

    Note: All default PIN codes are “1234”.

  • Press the down arrow button to move to the next input field.

    Enter a new PIN code using the number keys.

    Note: Press the red button to delete the last number entered.

  • Press the down arrow button to move to the last input field.

    Enter the new PIN code again.

  • Press the OK button to confirm the change of PIN.

    Note: Press the Back key to go back one step in the menu. Keep pressing it to return to the program you were watching.

    The TV Box PIN has been changed.