Remote control for the Sunrise TV Box UHD

What are the functions on my remote control?

Details of your remote control
  1. Search

  2. Switch the Sunrise TV box on or to standby

  3. Change channel or enter numbers and letters

  4. Open teletext. Switch between TV and radio

  5. Return to the last watched channel

  6. Function changes depending of the screen you’re in, no function in Live TV

  7. Open the TV Guide

  8. OK key

  9. Return to the previous screen

  10. Options (Language selection, subtitles)

  11. QuickZapper

  12. Details of the current program

  13. Open the TV Guide mini or navigate left

  14. Switch to the “Recordings” menu

  15. Access to Netflix

  16. Open the “On Demand” function

  17. Main Menu

  18. Change volume

  19. Change channel

  20. Mute

  21. Play/pause the current program or recording

  22. Rewind the current program or recording

  23. Fast forward the current program or recording

  24. Record the selected program

Note: If you pressed a button to open a menu, you can leave the menu by pressing the same button again. This works with “Radio/TV”, “Recordings”, “Menu”, “Info” and the blue button.

Troubleshooting: Is your remote control not working? Click the link "Remote control isn't working" to find the solution to your problem.