Sunrise wins the connect Broadband Hotline Test 2023
Second consecutive test win

Sunrise offers the best customer service

It is the most relevant and meaningful hotline test of broadband providers in the German-speaking world: the connect Broadband Hotline Test. In its latest edition (issue 10/2023), the trade magazine awards Sunrise's customer service the test winner rating of "VERY GOOD". According to connect, Sunrise offers the highest quality of advice and also scores highly for the accessibility and friendliness of its employees.

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Highest quality of advice

The trade magazine states: Sunrise offers the highest quality of advice with all-encompassing, thorough and understandable answers.

Friendly employees

Callers receive friendly advice and their concerns are taken seriously.

«OUTSTANDING» accessibility

Superior accessibility and short waiting times are the hallmarks of Sunrise customer service.

«I’m thrilled with this test win for two reasons. It’s great for our customers because they can expect the best quality of advice and the friendliest service from us. It’s also great for our employees, who set the benchmark with their dedication to our customers. They’re making a crucial contribution to customer satisfaction and our success.

The connect test is an important yardstick for us because it evaluates the genuine customer experience and therefore measures the reality our customers face. It drives us to reach for the highest levels of quality and motivates us towards continuous improvement in any areas where we haven’t yet achieved the top scores.

I’d like to thank the whole Sunrise team, as they devote themselves every day to serving our customers and implementing our commitment to outstanding quality.» ​

André Krause, CEO Sunrise​

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Visit the official website of the independent specialist magazine "connect", or access the full report here.