Limits and blockings

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Set a limit 

  • With a Sunrise subscription, you can set any limit between CHF 20.– and CHF 2000.–. 
  • This lets you determine whether you receive notification via SMS message once you have reached the limit, or whether certain services should be blocked.
  • Once 80% of the limit has been reached, you will be notified by SMS message.
  • You can change the limit in My Sunrise at any time.

Please note that additional costs might be incurred due to time delays in the transmission of data (e.g., roaming costs or premium number charges) that are higher than the set limit.

Block services

  • You can block certain services in general, such as international calling, mobile Internet or premium service numbers.
  • You can set up blocks in My Sunrise at any time.

General and legal information:

Set a limit:

  • You can enter a limit with all Sunrise Freedom, Sunrise NOW, Sunrise zero, Sunrise flat, and Sunrise flat surf mobile subscriptions.
  • The limit you set is always a “soft limit.” The effective bill amount can be higher than the set limit, depending on the time delay in the accounting system (especially for roaming, premium services, no “real-time billing,” etc.).
  • Included services (such as free SMS messaging) are also blocked when the limit is reached and cannot be carried over to the following month.
  • Incoming calls and SMS messages in Switzerland are never blocked, which means that incoming connections (such as premium SMS messages) that are subject to charges may be added to your bill, even after the limit is reached.
  • As a result of the billing delay for the connections, it cannot be guaranteed that the “soft limit” equals the monthly bill amount.
  • Sunrise accepts no liability for the interruption and disruption-free operation of this service.

Check costs before your bill arrives

The following items are also valid for “Set a limit” and “Block services”:

  • This service is available to all Sunrise private customers with a mobile subscription (prepaid customers excluded).
  • The amount shown in the SMS message includes costs for connections (excluding monthly charges for subscription and options) that were made from your mobile phone both domestically and internationally (see roaming below) and that have not yet been billed. This includes in particular the costs for calls, SMS and MMS messages, and data services.
  • It is possible that roaming costs incurred while traveling abroad (ingoing and outgoing calls, SMS messages, etc.) might not be included in the amount displayed because of time delays in the transmission of data.
  • Costs for value-added services (090x, 1818, etc.) also might not be included in the amount shown due to time delays in the billing by other operators.
  • The data is generally updated three times daily.
  • The displayed amount and the remaining included services are approximate values because billing delays could be caused by required and unscheduled system maintenance.
  • Sunrise accepts no liability for the interruption and disruption-free operation of this service.

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