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You can view and download as PDF your last six bills or order a bill copy per mail around the clock at My Sunrise.

Here you can also pay your bill directly online, and you can find an overview of unpaid sums, payment details, and the billing assistant, a digital and interactive copy of your bill, explained clearly and in detail.

Tip: If you have not received your bill by e-mail, please check your spam folder. Although this does not often occur, with some e-mail providers the bill sometimes ends up in this folder.

My Sunrise – good to know!

To access My Sunrise, simply request a one-time password to log in. You do not have to register.

After entering your one-time password, you will be asked to replace it with a password of your choice.

You can do the following online at any time in My Sunrise:

  • View and pay bills
  • Manage products
  • Update customer information
  • View the status of current orders and inquiries

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