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This deceitful process, called phishing, is used by criminals to obtain sensitive data such as your bank information, credit card numbers, account information or passwords.

The term phishing is a combination of the English words “password,” “harvesting” and “fishing.” It is all about obtaining confidential information, such as account information, Internet banking access information, credit card numbers, etc. Obtaining this type of information allows criminals to withdraw money from your account or purchase items in stores or online.

How phishing works

Internet scammers are very crafty. They set up “fake” websites pretending to be the websites of reputable companies. Their similarity to the authentic websites is surprising.

Often, you are asked in seemingly credible e-mail messages to provide and confirm information such as user names and passwords.

A few simple protective measures

Credible companies never ask for passwords, credit card numbers or other confidential information via e-mail. Ignore e-mail messages containing such requests – even if you think they come from reputable companies or businesses that you have contact with. For example, Sunrise never asks for your personal account information via e-mail.

Unfortunately, e-mails and e-mail addresses can very easily and very quickly be faked.

Before entering sensitive data on a website, check the Internet address in the URL address field (such as in the upper part of your browser. Never click on links in suspicious e-mail messages. It is better to enter the URL manually.

Links or spelled-out Internet address links can very easily give you a false sense of security. In the background, a completely different (fraudulent) website set up for phishing purposes might be connected.

Reliable protection is only provided through professional security solutions. Sunrise surf protect secures you against diverse online threats including phishing. Malicious websites are blocked directly in the Sunrise network. Surf protect is always up to date, is easy to handle and does not require any software installation.

Always make sure you only provide confidential information on the Internet if data is transmitted in an encrypted format. Normally, a key symbol appears in the status bar at the bottom of your browser window if an Internet connection is encrypted. If you click on the key, the security certificate is displayed.

Always check your credit card and bank or postal account statements. If there are any inconsistencies, please contact your financial institution immediately.

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