I can't use Wi-Fi Calling over the WLAN, what should I do?

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In public WLANs
Public Wi-Fi-network providers can disable the use of Wi-Fi Calling as per usage policy. If this is the case, you cannot use Wi-Fi Calling

In company WLANs
Wi-Fi Calling can be disabled in company WLANs. If this is the case, you cannot use Wi-Fi Calling. Check with your IT department to find out if an exception can be made.

In your own WLAN with Sunrise Internet connection
Please check the router settings if your Sunrise WLAN does not work. More information here.

In your own WLAN with Internet connection from other providers (Swisscom, UPC, etc.)
Please contact your Internet provider.

If the problems continue after checking the settings on your router, please observe the following:

  • When using Wi-Fi Calling, the transmitted data is encrypted end-to-end based on the IPSec certificate.
  • You may have to adjust your firewall settings for transmission of IPSec data, the UDP ports 4500 and 500 must be open for incoming and outgoing.
  • If you employ several WLAN base stations, they must all have the same SSID and the same password in order to allow for the transmission of calls.
  • The base stations must also have the same IP subnet and the same IP standard gateway. An Internet connection with the same public IP address is necessary if you use NAT with your firewall.
  • When using several base stations, coverage must overlap by at least 15-20%.

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