What is the difference between Wi-Fi Calling and WhatsApp Call?

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Criteria Wi-Fi Calling
WhatsApp Call / Skype Call
Infrastructure Wi-Fi Calling
Wi-Fi Calling uses a wireless WLAN infrastructure for mobile calling.
WhatsApp Call / Skype Call
WhatsApp Call uses the Internet connection of your phone and not the voice call minutes of your contract.
Usage Wi-Fi Calling

You can continue using your own phone number and do not need a special app.

Making a call is done in the same way as making a call on the mobile network.

You can send/receive SMS and MMS.

WhatsApp Call / Skype Call

Requires installation of an app on your phone and the other party’s phone.

Cannot call fixed-line numbers.

The call is made by selecting a contact in the app.

Cannot send/receive SMS and MMS.

Phone number Wi-Fi Calling
You make calls with your own phone number.
WhatsApp Call / Skype Call

You make calls via the app.

Your WhatsApp username is displayed and not your phone number.

Availability Wi-Fi Calling

There are no limitations on calling to any fixed or mobile numbers.

There are no limitations on callbacks from any fixed and mobile numbers.

WhatsApp Call / Skype Call

Only phones with the app installed can be called.

Only phones with the app installed can call you back.

Costs Wi-Fi Calling
For phone calls, SMS, and MMS the same connection costs as the mobile network apply.
WhatsApp Call / Skype Call
Normal rates for data connection apply to WhatsApp Calls.
Abroad Wi-Fi Calling
Use only possible in Swiss WLAN network.
WhatsApp Call / Skype Call
Use also possible in foreign WLAN network.

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