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  • In My Sunrise

    Check and top up your credit

    Key combinations

    Query current time credit:
    *121# Call button

    Top up credit:
    With refill code: *131*Code# Call button
    With credit card: *137*Amount# Call button
    With credit card (not your own): *137*Amount*Mobile phone number# Call button

    Important: The credit card must be registered in advance in My Sunrise.

    Other ways to top up

    Here you'll find an overview of all top up options

    • Your prepaid products will be deleted after 18 months without use (calls, SMS, surfing) and the credit will expire.
    • Sunrise has the right to cancel the prepaid contract. The phone number in question is returned to Sunrise without compensation and is reassigned.
    • Sunrise prepaid mobile phones have a SIM lock for two years after purchase and therefore can only be used with a Sunrise SIM card during these two years.
    • After the two years have expired, the SIM lock can be removed from the device in a Sunrise shop or by calling 0800 707 707.
  • You are seeing your current credit minus CHF 1.20. This CHF 1.20 is an amount that has been set aside for data usage (CHF 1.20/day). This amount will be debited as soon as you start using data.

  • For legal reasons (money laundering, amounts being subject to tax, etc.), wrongly transferred credit cannot be recovered. Unfortunately, this means it is lost.

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