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  • When abroad, always use the Sunrise Cockpit. It offers the following options:

    Roaming options

    • Find and book the right roaming package for your stay abroad.

    Roaming settings

    • Block data usage abroad when there is no option or included data volume available for roaming.
    • Block expensive forwarding to your Sunrise mailbox while you're abroad.
    • Block calls, SMS, and data connections on ships and airplanes.
    • Define a monthly cost limit for data roaming.

    Usage status

    • You can view the usage of your included services and roaming packages.
  • In My Sunrise, you can block various services and connections. You can block the following:

    • Calls to 090x– & 0906 numbers
    • International calls
    • Mobile Internet & MMS
    • Sunrise Pay
    • Premium SMS – all services or even just specific categories or SMS short numbers.
  • In My Sunrise, you can set up three types of cost controls for your mobile subscription.

    1. General cost control

    In My Sunrise, you can set any cost limit for your mobile subscription (min. CHF 20.00 max. CHF 2000.00) and define what will happen once the limit is reached.

    Notification and action when your limit is reached

    • We will inform you via SMS and/or e-mail as soon as you have reached 80% of your limit and when you reach your limit.
    • You decide whether certain additional services should be blocked once your limit is reached.
    • Limits, notifications, and actions can be changed in My Sunrise at any time.
    Important: It is a soft limit. The actual bill amount can be higher than the set limit, depending on the time delay in the billing system (especially with roaming costs and value-added service costs)

    2. Cost control for Premium SMS value-added services

    For the use of Premium SMS services, you can set a separate monthly cost limit in My Sunrise

    • We send you an SMS regarding your Premium SMS use once you have used 90% of the limit and again once you have reached the limit.
    • You can adjust or remove the cost limit at any time (either permanently or for the current month only). There is no standard limit for value-added services.
    • Once the cost limit has been reached or exceeded, all value-added services are blocked, and Premium SMS messages can no longer be received. 
    Important: The receipt of Premium SMS messages is blocked as soon as the cost limit has been reached or the charges exceed the cost limit amount.

    3. Cost control for Sunrise Pay services

    You can set a separate monthly cost limit in My Sunrise for the use of the Sunrise Pay service (app purchases via mobile phone bill). 

    • You can change this cost limit at any time. The standard limit for Sunrise Pay purchases is CHF 100.00.
    • Once this set limit has been reached, you cannot make any additional purchases via Sunrise Pay. 
  • You can check the payment status of bills already received at any time in My Sunrise.

    Tip: You can also query the total outstanding bill amount using the key combination: *134# call button
  • The ongoing costs for the current month can be viewed at any time in My Sunrise.

    Tip: You can also query the current costs for your mobile subscription using the key combination: *133# call button
  • The remaining included services for the current month can be viewed at any time in My Sunrise.

    Tip: If your mobile subscription contains included services, you can query these using a key combination: *133# call button
  • Various features for cost control are at your fingertips in My Sunrise:

    • Query credit and remaining included services
    • Block services
    • View every single connection in a call list

    Key combinations for prepaid customers

    • Query current available credit: *121# call button
    • Query remaining included services (if included in your product): *136# call button

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