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SMS and MMS added value services

  • A wide selection of offerings provided at an extra charge, such as horoscopes, news, sports, ring tones, erotica, donations, competitions, and games.
  • The service providers are responsible for the content, services, and prices of the offerings.
  • You can block Premium SMS in My Sunrise – All services or even just single categories or SMS short numbers.
Tip: Premium SMS messages can be identified by their 3 to 5-digit sender number (SMS short number).

Popular topics

  • Billing

    • Premium SMS offers can be obtained either on a one-time or subscription basis.
    • Charges appear on the Sunrise bill, but the providers are responsible for determining the prices.
    • Further information can be found on the information page of OFCOM.


    • Depending on the service, up to CHF 100.00 per message could be charged.
    • For subscribers, the premium SMS messages sent using this subscription shouldn't cost more than CHF 5.00 for less than one minute and shouldn't exceed the total amount of CHF 400.00 per registration.
    • It is possible to register for several services and subscriptions using the same short number.
    Tip: Always read the fine print very carefully to ensure that you aren't inadvertently using a premium SMS subscription. Please pay particular attention to rates and purchase conditions when you download ring tones, pictures and games, or when using adult content services.
  • In order to deactivate a premium SMS subscription, you will need the deactivation command and the SMS short number of the provider. You can find this in the general information provided by the service, for example, on the website or in the advertisement.

    Standard commands

    • STOP keyword => Cancel registration with the corresponding service, e.g., send STOP weather to 999.
    • STOP ALL => Cancel registration with all services of this provider or this short number, e.g., send STOP ALL to 999.
    Tip: In the provider search you will find all premium SMS providers and can contact them directly via phone or e-mail.
  • Tip: Protect yourself from unexpected costs.

    In My Sunrise, you can set an individual Premium SMS cost limit. 

    • If you reach or exceed the limit, all SMS value-added services are blocked. 
    • The cost limit for Premium SMS services can be removed at any time either for the current month or permanently. 
    • Please note that the cost of MMS value-added services is not included in the limit and MMS services are therefore not blocked by reaching the limit.

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