Here's what you need to know

You're about to move?

Your 3 options if want to learn more about moving with Sunrise.

  • You want to talk to one of our friendly move specialists? Give us a call via:

    Mon. - Fri. 08:00 - 19:00,
    Sat. 09:00 - 18:00

  • Please be sure to have the following information ready:

    • Your moving date
    • Your new address

    In addition, the following information is required for moving Sunrise landline and Internet connections:

    • The previous tenant’s phone number, or if there is a fiber optic connection, the OTO ID (number of the fiber optic cable outlet) for your new location. You can ask your landlord or building management office for this
    • A mobile phone number where we can reach you to provide additional information or discuss appointment times.
    Important: If you are moving landline and Internet connections, inform us of your new address 14 days before your move.
  • Is there any processing fee?

    The testing and switchover processing fee for fixed line (voice, internet, TV) is CHF 79.00.

    What happens with my connection at my old address?

    The connection at your old address is deactivated on the requested switchover date - even if the activation at your new address won't occur until later. This is done for your protection to prevent a new tenant from making calls at your expense.

    Can I keep my previous landline phone number?

    You can definitely keep your phone number when you move. However, if you would like a new phone number (e.g. with your new area code), you may request one from us.

    How can I stay online & connected during my move?

    Turn your mobile phone into a hotspot and use the data included in your subscription on your laptop or tablet. Or, if you are a Sunrise mobile customer, you can use Sunrise extra SIM surf & talk with a second SIM card on your tablet. If you do not yet have a Sunrise mobile subscription, we recommend a hotspot with Mobile Internet.

    Why do you need the previous tenant's number at my new place?

    We will need the previous tenant's landline number at your new address to switch your service to the correct phone line. If we do not receive this number, your house connection will have to be modified, which will result in electrician service charges. Ask your landlord or building management office for the previous tenant's number, or ask the previous tenant directly.

    Where can I find the OTO ID/fiber optic cable outlet number?

    Ask your landlord or building management office for the previous tenant's OTO ID, or ask the previous tenant directly. Example of a fiber optic cable outlet, including OTO ID (B.707.707.707.0):

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