High costs for additional services

The services that you use and that are not part of your subscription will be billed in the following month.

Additional services

Your additional services comprise all services that you used in the past month but that are not part of your subscription.

These include roaming charges, premium SMS charges, or service fees.

In your My Sunrise customer account and in the My Sunrise app, you can deactivate additional services such as Sunrise Pay and Premium SMS or add additional options to your subscription.


In My Sunrise, you can block various services and connections. You can block the following:

  • Calls to 090x– & 0906 numbers

  • International calls

  • Mobile Internet & MMS

  • Sunrise Pay (Sunrise Pay is a payment method. You can use it to pay for your purchases via your phone bill or your prepaid credit.)

  • Premium SMS – all services or even just specific categories or SMS short numbers (Premium SMS are fee-based offers, such as news, horoscopes, ring tones, games, erotic content, etc. )

Cost limit for roaming

You can simply set a monthly spending limit for roaming in My Sunrise:

Add options

In My Sunrise you can add suitable options (surf protect home, etc.) to your subscription:

Service fee list

You can use it at any time to find information on processing fees that apply for administrative work or fees for late payment or early cancellation.