Payment via eBill

Here you will find all information about eBill, the digital invoice.

eBill – Delivery method and payment method all at once

  • The Sunrise bill goes directly into your e-banking account – into your eBill mailbox, to be precise – where you can pay it quickly and securely in just a few clicks.

  • With the eBill, the payment process can also be automated.

  • eBill is a free service offered by all Swiss financial institutions, safe and environmentally friendly.

  • No need to go through the annoying process of typing in payment details (reference number, etc.), and no fees for delivery and payment of the bill.

Video Instruction

Sign up for eBill

In order to sign up for eBill, you must already be an e-banking customer.

1. Login

- Bank: Log in to the e-banking account you have with your bank and click on “eBill” in the menu.

- PostFinance: Log in to the e-finance service and click on “eBill” in the menu.

2. Sign up for eBill at your bank’s eBill portal or that of PostFinance

2.1. Click to go to your e-banking area in the eBill portal and register "Sunrise LLC" for eBill.

2.2. In order to register, you will need your customer number and the bill number from your last bill.

2.3. Review your e-banking details and customer information, then confirm the registration.

3. Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation of registration from your eBill portal. If you have requested for registration to be confirmed by e-mail (optional), the confirmation will be sent to your specified e-mail address.



To cancel payment by eBill again, you will need to deactivate eBill on your bank’s eBill portal or with PostFinance. You cannot deactivate eBill payments in My Sunrise.

Quick guide to signing up for eBill
on your bank’s eBill portal or that of PostFinance
eBill - Quickguide EN (PDF)

Making payments

In order to make payments, you must already be signed up for eBill.


  1. Log in to your e-banking account or the e-finance portal (PostFinance).

  2. Go to your eBill mailbox and check your billing details.

  3. Click on “Pay”.

  4. You also have the option of setting up permanent authorization for the Sunrise eBill – you can also do this in your eBill portal.

View eBill

The Sunrise eBill will be sent directly to your e-banking account’s eBill mailbox. The bill can be viewed in PDF format and paid in just a few clicks. You can also view the details of your bill in My Sunrise.

eBill notification

Your bank or PostFinance will notify you by SMS and/or e-mail whenever you receive a new Sunrise eBill. You can set this individually in your e-banking account.