First bill for new Sunrise customers

Are you new to Sunrise and have you got questions about your bill?

Find out here how your bill is structured and why you will, for example, initially be billed twice for your subscription fees.

Contract conclusion towards the end of the month

The basic fee is always billes in advance for the curent month.

The first bill for your new product also shows the prorated basic fee for the previous month from the time of activation.

First Sunrise bill

Contract conlusion at the beginning of the month

Interim bill at the start of the new month
Sunrise under-monthly first bill

You will receive your first bill immediately on the start date of your new subscription.

This bill includes the prorated subscription fees from the start of the subscription until the end of the month. Additional services from the first month will be billed in the following month.

Any service fees are also part of the interim bill.

First bill at the start of the new month

You will receive your first complete Sunrise bill at the start of the new month.

This contains the basic subscription fees, which are charged in advance at the beginning of the month.
Furthermore, this bill will list the additional services you used in the previous month.


What is charged and when?

  • Your subscription fees will be charged at the beginning of each month.

  • The additional services that you use (such as international calls) are shown on the bill for the following month.