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Sunrise mail login

Access to your e-mails, even outside of your private workstation, thanks to Sunrise Webmail:

Sunrise mail password

Forgot your password? Here, you can request a new Sunrise mail password at any time.


Change Sunrise mail password

You can change your Sunrise mail password at any time in your settings. Log into Sunrise mail and click on «Settings» => «Change password».



Keep your password secure, keep it secret and don’t share it with anyone. Sunrise will never ask you to disclose your password by e-mail or SMS.

If you receive such a request, delete it immediately without replying. This always involves fraud with the aim of gaining access to your account.

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  • Server:

  • Port: 993

  • Security protocol: SSL


  • Server:

  • Port: 995

  • Security protocol: SSL

Tip: Sunrise always recommends that you use the more modern IMAP protocol for your e-mail.


  • Server:

  • Port: 465 .

  • Security protocol: SSL

The SMTP protocol sends messages in a computer network.

Set up e-mail on your computer (PC/Mac)

Here are step-by-step instructions for standard e-mail programs (Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.).

Set up e-mail on your mobile phone or tablet

Here are step-by-step instructions for standard mobile phones, smartphones and tablets.


  • You need to have a Sunrise landline or mobile phone number to set up an e-mail account with Sunrise mail.

  • You can set up five e-mail accounts with a Sunrise landline number, and one e-mail account with a Sunrise mobile phone number.

Tip: Your e-mail account can also be connected with other Sunrise phone numbers. To do so, log in to your Sunrise mail , click on "Settings" => "Assign another phone number to my Sunrise mail account."


  • Your Sunrise mail account has 5 GB of storage space.

  • Maximum size of an e-mail, including attachments: 50 MB

  • Maximum number of e-mails or recipients: For e-mail accounts more than seven days old: Maximum 2,000 messages per 24 hours. For e-mail accounts less than seven days old, maximum 500 messages per 24 hours. For all accounts a maximum of 100 e-mails per hour.

Attention: E-mail transmission will be blocked when the limits are reached, but e-mails will continue to be received.

Change e-mail address

The e-mail address may not be changed after registration is completed. Alternatively, you can delete your e-mail address and create a new one

Change Sunrise mail password

Log in to your Sunrise mail and click on "Settings" => "Change password".

Delete e-mail account

Log in to your Sunrise mail and click on "Settings" => "Delete account".

Set up permanent forwarding to a different e-mail address

Log in to your Sunrise mail and click on "Inbox" => "Settings" => "Manage inbox" and enter the e-mail address under "Forwarding".

Receive e-mails from external e-mail accounts (for example, Gmail, GMX, etc.) in Sunrise mail

Log in to your Sunrise mail and click on "Inbox" => "Settings" => "Accounts", and then follow the instructions under "Check e-mails from other accounts".

Set up absence notifications

Log in to your Sunrise mail and click on "Inbox" => "Settings". Enter the notice under "Absence notification" and click on "Save".

Create contact groups

Log in to your Sunrise mail and click on "Inbox" => "Contacts". You can create and manage groups here.

Import and export contacts in Sunrise mail

Log in to your Sunrise mail and click on "Inbox" => "Contacts" => "Import"

Delete alias addresses for my Sunrise mail account

Log in to your Sunrise mail and click on "Settings" => "Delete mail alias".

Use desired sender address

You can use your main address or an alias address (for example. with endings such as as the sender address.

Log in to your Sunrise mail and click on "Inbox" => "Settings" => "Accounts". Your standard sender address can be set up here.

Change alternative e-mail address to restore the password

Log in to your Sunrise mail and click on "Settings" => "Change alternative e-mail address".

Spam protection 

Sunrise mail offers spam protection. You can also mark undesired e-mails as spam. To mark an e-mail as spam: select the e-mail, click on "More" at the top right, and then select "Mark as Spam". This will ensure that future e-mails from this sender will always be sent directly to the spam folder. After 90 days, the content of the spam folder will automatically be deleted permanently.

Sender accidentally marked as spam

Log in to your Sunrise mail and carry out the following steps:

  1. Open the "Spam" folder

  2. Select the e-mail concerned and click on the "Not spam" button

  3. The e-mail will be moved to your inbox (Inbox folder). Future e-mails from this sender will no longer be treated as spam, meaning they will no longer be automatically sent to the "Spam" folder.

My tasks immediately disappear in Sunrise mail when I select them

This happens when you have selected "Show open" or "Show completed" in the filter menu at the top right. Select "Show all" in that menu.

Here you find instructions for setting up your e-mail program.

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