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Older Sunrise products

  • These products are no longer available to new customers, but existing customers can continue to use them

  • In most cases, however, the new products offer more benefits

  • You can switch your subscription to a new product directly in My Sunrise



With older mobile subscriptions, it won't be possible to purchase a new device or accessories with a device plan or accessory plan. You will have to switch to a new Sunrise mobile subscription to do that. Exceptions: Freedom swiss start, Freedom swiss calls, Freedom swiss unlimited, Freedom swiss neighbors, Freedom europe&US, Freedom Young swiss start, Freedom Young swiss calls, Freedom Young swiss unlimited, Freedom Young swiss neighbors, Freedom Young europe&US, Freedom Young who calls, Freedom europe data, Freedom Young europe data, Sunrise Freedom start, classic, relax, max, super max, and Mobile Unlimited

The following applies to all subscriptions from July 1, 2023: Sunrise may adjust the price for each service once a calendar year in line with the inflation. The inflation is calculated according to the Swiss Consumer Price Index of the Federal Statistical Office (CPI Basis December 2020 = 100 points). The starting index is the level of the CPI on January 1st, 2024. If Sunrise does not make a price adjustment for a service in a calendar year, this right does not expire in subsequent years. In the event of a price adjustment due to inflation, the customer is not entitled to prematurely cancel the service.

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