Reporting a death

We hereby offer our condolences. With this form, you can tell us how to proceed with the deceased’s contracts/connections.

Deceased person

How you wish to proceed

Settling the outstanding amounts
We will send you a detailed overview of the account balance, including payment slip. New bills will be sent to the contact address given.

Cancellation of connections
Connections will be cancelled immediately and without incurring an early cancellation fee.
Purchased devices (e.g., mobile phones/laptops/televisions/watches) to which a payment plan has been agreed or which are subject to other contractual terms: The contract will be cancelled immediately and you will be billed for the remaining amount that is due.
You will receive a confirmation of cancellation and the final bill will be sent to you by post.

Taking over a connection (change of ownership)
A contract can – with all rights and responsibilities – be transferred to a new contract holder. We will require both your details and a valid copy of ID from the new contract holder (Swiss ID card, passport, residence permit) for this transfer.
You will receive confirmation that the connection has been transferred. We will send this confirmation to the address provided. We reserve the right to reject a request.

Waiving succession
In any case, we ask that you make sure to cancel the existing contracts, so as to avoid incurring further costs. To process the waiver, we need the official document that was issued by the local authority for this purpose. Please send this by post or by contact form to Sunrise LLC as soon as you receive it.

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