Activating your Internet connection

Follow these instructions to activate your Internet connection (copper line)


Connecting the Internet Box

Please follow the installation guide included with the Internet Box package to install the modem and check whether the DSL symbol (closed circle with arrow) is lit constantly.



If the DSL symbol isn’t lit or continues to flash, please contact us by phone at 0800 707 707. During this call, please specify that your services must be activated via “Pre-order with PIN”.

Opening the Sunrise website

Connect a device, such as a computer, tablet, or mobile, with the Internet Box and then open the Sunrise website in a browser. You will be taken to a page where your connection can be activated.

Sunrise webpage

If your internet activation page isn’t opening, first ensure you have established a WLAN or network cable connection with your router. To do so, try opening the applicable link for your device: 

  • Apple:

  • Android:

  • Microsoft:

If the above link does not work, go to a website you have never visited before, e.g. or Wait for approximately one minute and:

  • If it works, you get now to the internet activation page and can enter your activation code

  • If this page still fails to open, please call us on 0800 707 707 and we’ll help you resolve the issues remotely

Enter your activation code

Enter the PIN you received via SMS (you can also look it up in My Sunrise) into the "Enter Activation Code" field and click on "Activate." The Internet Box will do the rest of the work for you and configure itself. This can take up to 30 minutes.



Make sure that the Internet Box is not turned off during this time.

Restart your Internet Box

You will receive a message via SMS or e-mail after the successful activation. Next, restart your Internet Box by turning it off or unplugging the power supply for 10 seconds. Restarting it will take a few minutes. Then, everything will be ready for you to use Sunrise Home.



Do you have any questions about setting up your modem or need assistance? Click here for instructions on the topic Internet setup