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Connect Box 5G

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Power unit
LAN cable
Connect Box 5G

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Step by step guide
Best Location

It is important to get the best possible signal. Most of the time this will be close to a window. You can use the Sunrise Mobile Network App to select the right place in the house.

Power the Connect Box 5G

Push the ON/OFF button, the LEDs on the top of the Box will turn on. Your Connect Box 5G will start to search best 5G connectivity.

Connecting your devices

To connect via LAN, plug one end of the LAN cable to your computer and the other to the LAN port in the Connect Box 5G (yellow or blue port). To connect via Wi-Fi use the Wi-Fi network information printed on the bottom of the modem or scan the QR code with your smartphone.

This can take up to 30 minutes.
Well done! You have successfully connected your Connect Box 5G!
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