Internet is not working - Connect Box 3 Fiber

Most disruptions can be fixed in just a few steps. Follow the instructions below to get back surfing the Internet as quickly as possible.

1. Check whether there’s any disruption

Unfortunately, disruptions caused by maintenance work or unforeseeable events can never be prevented entirely. Our technicians do their best to ensure that any disruptions are fixed as quickly as possible.

Regional events with Internet, TV and Landline

Please enter your postal code, street or city to check if there is a regional incident.

2. Check cables

Check whether all the cables are still plugged in correctly and make sure that none of them have been accidentally unplugged or bent.

If you have any questions about cabling, use our installation guide:

3. Restart the modem

Please restart your Internet modem by disconnecting it from the power supply for 30 seconds.

4. Reset the modem

Reset your modem to the factory settings. To do this, take a pointed object and press the reset button on the bottom of the modem for 25 seconds.



When you reset your modem to the factory settings, all the personal settings (e.g., Wi-Fi name and password) that you made in the router interface will be deleted.

The default Wi-Fi name and password can be found on the sticker on the bottom of the modem.

5. Personalized troubleshooting

Log in and use the personalized online troubleshooting in My Sunrise: