Installation instructions

Sunrise Internet Box 5G


Surf directly for free until your official activation date!

After receiving the activation confirmation (via email or SMS), you can use other services such as telephony.


Find the perfect spot

Place the Sunrise Internet Box 5G in an upright position and as close to a window as possible. This will help you get the best possible signal.
You can use the Sunrise Mobile Network App to select the right place in the house.

Do you have everything you need?

Sunrise Internet Box 5G (including an inserted SIM-card)
LAN-Kabel (auch Etherneht-Kabel genannt)
LAN cable
Power cable

If you are missing an item, please contact our support.


Important! Use the new cable when installing the device

Even if your old cable looks exactly the same as the new one, improvements are constantly being made. Your old cable probably no longer meets our quality standards. It could have internal damage that causes malfunctions. Avoid signal loss or unnecessary hardware replacements and install your Sunrise Internet Box 5G using the supplied cable.


Step-by-step instruction
Plug in power and turn on box
Plug in the power cable

Turn on the Sunrise Internet Box 5G

To do so, press the ON/OFF button for three seconds. As soon as the Sunrise Internet Box 5G lights up in blue, it is switched on.

LEDs light up as shown

As soon as the Wi-Fi indicator as well as one of the two lights at the top glows continuously (5G or 4G), you are online.


This takes about 1 minute.

Connect your devices

The necessary information (Wi-Fi name and password) can be found on the top and bottom of the Sunrise Internet Box 5G.

LAN cable
  • Plug the white LAN cable supplied into a LAN port (LAN1 or LAN2/WAN) at the back of the Sunrise Internet Box 5G.

  • Plug the other end of the LAN cable into the LAN connection (Ethernet) of your computer.

Well done! You have successfully connected your Sunrise Internet Box 5G!