Explanation of modem's LEDs


Make sure the Power LED is not dimmed

Press the two buttons on the top of the modem simultaneously to change the LED from on to dimmed to off.

LED symbols


Constant DSL Up / Fiber (SFP or WAN) mode activated
Blinking DSL signal found / synchronization in progress
Off No DSL signal / Fiber (SFP or WAN) mode not activated


Constant WAN IP configured
Off Power Off / DSL down / No WAN IP


Constant The device is rebooting by user’s request
Blinking Firmware upgrade and service ongoing or when the reset button is pressed, this state is held on during button press
Off Power off


Constant Set Top Box connected via Ethernet cable, set Top Box paired via Wifi 5GHz
Off Set Top Box is connected and turned on (Set Top Box detected by DHCP : DHCP ACK receive according the vendor class identifier)


Constant USB device connected
Off No USB device


Constant Telephone service is configured
Blinking DECT pairing mode in progress
Off DECT base Off or radio disabled (eco mode)

Phone 1 or 2

Constant Telephone service is configured and line is registered
Red blinking Registration failed
Off No VoIP service

Wi-Fi 2.4 oder 5 G

Constant Wi-Fi (WLAN) enabled
Slow flashing Problem detected with Wi-Fi (WLAN). Click here to solve the problem
Fast flashing Easy-Pairing (WPS) in progress (including coupling with the Sunrise TV Box)
Off Wi-Fi (WLAN) deactivated