Incoming calls are not working

What you can do:

You cannot receive calls

Call your own landline number with another phone

If you hear a message during the call, such as «This phone number cannot be reached» or «This phone number is invalid», please contact our customer services or use our Community. If no such announcement is received, please proceed to the next step.

Check the cabling

Make sure that your landline device:

  • is connected directly to the modem.

  • has power.

  • is charged and equipped with rechargeable batteries.

Check whether incoming calls are shown on your display

If incoming calls are showing on your display, please make sure that the phone volume is not set to «Silent» and that no other call rejection function is active. The phone’s speaker may also be defective.

Check whether «Please do not disturb» mode is activated

If it is, deactivate it by entering the following code: #26#


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