Terms and conditions of use and data protection Sunrise app

21 May 2015

App functions

This app detects the current status of various quality characteristics used in connection with mobile networks and provides the user with feedback on Sunrise mobile service provision in Switzerland.

To do this, customers' user input, measurements from the speed and connection tests, and system data are collected in anonymized form and sent to the Sunrise measuring systems. This will give users an indication of the current status of mobile phone service provision at the desired location, including bandwidth information (speed test).

The data and the measured values from the app are collected in a Sunrise database and used to generate anonymous statistics about the quality of the Sunrise mobile phone network. Using this app will help Sunrise develop and improve its mobile network.

For those with a Sunrise mobile subscription, any data traffic generated is not counted against the data volume included with the subscription; moreover, any data traffic generated by this app is free of charge. Non-customers could incur connection costs for this data traffic depending on their provider and mobile subscription.

Data Protection

This app does not collect, process, or transmit personal data of any kind, only pseudonymous data. Pseudonymous data is data that cannot be used to identify a particular user, such as speed and location measurements.

Other data, including localization and use data as well as technical parameters and system parameters, is also collected in addition to the measurements obtained from the active tests (speed and connection tests). Some technical parameters (for example, mobile network information) are collected on a regular basis.

Specifically, the following anonymized data is sent to Sunrise where it is processed and analyzed:

  • User input (problem reports)

  • Measurement data obtained from user-triggered active tests (speed and connection tests)

  • Download speed

  • Upload speed

  • Round-trip time (ping)

  • Internet uptime/success rate

  • Download duration

  • System and usage parameters

  • User ID (pseudonymous random number)

  • Mobile network information (cell ID, signal strength)

  • Information on the end-user hardware, such as model or operating system

  • Localization information, such as latitude and longitude

  • Time information, such as measurement timestamps

  • Other system information

Collection and processing of new data stop immediately when the app is uninstalled. The processed data, including the measurement data, is the property of Sunrise. Furthermore, Sunrise observes the provisions of the relevant Swiss Data Protection Act.

Intellectual Property

All rights to this app shall remain with Sunrise or its third-party licensors. The user obtains a limited right of use. This app may not be reproduced or decompiled, either in part or in whole. Sunrise is entitled to revoke the right of use at any time.


Sunrise does not guarantee the correctness or integrity of any data or measurements transmitted. All forms of liability are disclaimed to the extent permitted by law.