View accessory plan

Easily pay for accessories in monthly installments

  • Accessories (smartwatches, earphones, cases, fitness accessories, etc.) are available with a down payment of minimum CHF 1.00. You decide the amount of the down payment and then this the monthly installments.

  • No interest or fees for installment payments.

  • No obligation; you can pay off your accessory plan at any time.



You can see your accessory plan in My Sunrise and buy new accessories at any time.

Examples with regular payment (accessory: Apple AirPods White)
Variant AVariant BVariant CVariant D
Down paymentCHF 1.-CHF 43.-CHF 85.-CHF 127.-
24 monthly installments of:CHF 7.40CHF 5.65CHF 3.90CHF 2.15

Total price

CHF 178.60

Your installment payment plans for devices and accessories

  • Conveniently pay for smartphones and accessories in monthly installments

  • You set the down payment and monthly rate yourself, free of interest or fees

  • In My Sunrise, you can see your installment plans at any time and also purchase new devices or accessories

Duration and early payoff

The Sunrise device plan/accessory plan runs for 24, 30 or 36 months. However, after the first 30 days, you can cancel it by paying the outstanding installments, for example, in a Sunrise shop or when a purchasing new device in My Sunrise.

Accessory plan without Sunrise mobile subscription

A Sunrise device plan/accessory plan is not possible without a Sunrise mobile subscription. The device plan/accessory plan is tied to a Sunrise Freedom or Sunrise Mobile Unlimited (included in Sunrise One) subscription and cannot be taken out separately.