Sunrise Mobile Network app to test network quality

Test the network quality and speed at your location and let’s make the Sunrise mobile network even better together.

If you have reception issues, we can offer you individual solutions – such as the Wi-Fi calling test – directly in the app.

Here’s how the Mobile Network app works

First, download the Sunrise Mobile Network app on your iOS or Android mobile phone:
Register your mobile phone number

Enter your mobile phone number.

You will now receive an SMS with a confirmation code. Enter it in the app and click «Send code».

Select an option

You can now perform a speed test, provide network feedback or perform a 5G check.
All network feedback is automated in the app but still answered individually.

IMPORTANT: To perform a speed test or 5G check, you must allow the app to access your location.

Here’s how the tests work in detail

This app detects the current status of various quality characteristics used in connection with mobile networks and you receive up-to-date information on Sunrise mobile service provision in Switzerland. For this purpose, your user inputs and measured values from speed and connection tests as well as system information are recorded anonymously and transmitted to our measurement systems.

The data and measurements from the app are collected in a Sunrise database and used to generate anonymous statistics about the quality of the Sunrise mobile phone network. Using this app will help Sunrise develop and improve its mobile network – with a focus on customers. Together, we will make our Sunrise network even better.

Terms of use and privacy policy for the Mobile Network app
We collect and use the anonymized data from the Mobile Network app to improve our network with your help. You will therefore be asked in the app to agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy.
Terms of use and privacy policy (PDF) – the measuring instrument based on OFCOM regulations
Since September 1, 2021, we have been obligated by the Telecommunications Act to provide you with a measuring instrument that is set up in line with OFCOM specifications. You can find all the information about this at We have been publishing the corresponding measurements since January 1, 2022.