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Apple Music is an exclusive music streaming offer

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Sign up via SMS
Send an SMS with the text MUSIC or APPLE MUSIC to 5522

Sign up via My Sunrise
Activate the option in My Sunrise.

  1. We will send you an SMS confirmation to the selected mobile phone number, with a link for login.

  2. Log in via the link. If you are using an Android device, you must first download the Apple Music app from Google Play Store.

You can try out the Apple Music option from Sunrise for six months at no charge, even if you have already tried the service for free from Apple (1 month trial). Apple Music is included in all Fresh Mobile M, L and XL mobile subscriptions at no extra cost.

If you accidentally deleted the SMS with the link, or if you want to use Apple Music on a new mobile phone, please proceed as follows:

  1. Open the page

  2. After checking whether the Apple Music option is activated with Sunrise, you will be forwarded directly to the login.

To take advantage of the Apple Music offer from Sunrise, you must first end your subscription with Apple. Then you can activate the option with Sunrise. Via SMS by texting MUSIC or APPLE MUSIC to 5522 or directly in My Sunrise.

The Apple Music option will be billed in advance on your Sunrise bill. There is no minimum duration for the option.

The Apple Music option is free for the first six months. This trial period will not be shortened. Even if you deactivate after only three months, you can continue using Apple Music for six months with no restrictions.

Deactivation via SMS

Deactivation via My Sunrise
Deactivate the option in My Sunrise.

Deactivate the option in My Sunrise.

The option will be removed immediately and any fees paid in advance will be credited on your next bill.

During the trial period, you can undo deactivation of the option in My Sunrise. In this case, the subscription will continue automatically after the trial period and will be charged to your bill.

The option can be canceled immediately at any time, both during and after the trial period. A cancellation during the trial period can be reversed at any time. In this case, the subscription will continue to run as usual after the trial period and will be invoiced from that point on.

The SongShift service makes it easy to import your playlists from Spotify or Tidal to Apple Music.

Unfortunately, this conversion is not currently possible. To sign up for the student or family account, you must first deactivate your Sunrise trial subscription. Then you can log in directly with Apple for the account you want.

Data usage by Apple Music is included and you will not be charged for additional data usage nor will this data volume be deducted from your available data volume.

Data usage by Apple Music is not included and will be charged in addition, or this data volume will be deducted from your roaming data volume.

Creating an Apple ID

In order to benefit from all Apple Music features, we recommend that you link the app with an Apple ID.

General support for Apple Music