Activate a new SIM card

Whether you are new to Sunrise or have had to replace your old SIM card, activating your new SIM card is super easy.

Are you new to Sunrise or has your old SIM card disappeared or become unusable?

Your SIM card is already active

Your SIM card will also be activated when your mobile subscription or your Prepaid option is activated at the latest.
Simply insert it and start making calls.

Is your SIM card broken or would you like a new smart SIM card?

If you replace your old SIM card, you can activate the new SIM in My Sunrise once you have received it in.

Log in to My Sunrise

Log in to My Sunrise and select your mobile product (Subscription or Prepaid).

Select the product and navigate to SIM

If the link above does not take you directly to the destination:

  1. Log in to My Sunrise.

  2. Navigate to Products.

  3. Select your mobile product (subscription or Prepaid)

  4. Navigate to SIM and Devices.

Activate a new SIM card

Select that you want to activate your SIM card and confirm the action.