Lock and unlock a SIM card or eSIM

You’ve lost your SIM card or someone has tampered with your eSIM profile?

  • First of all, block your SIM in My Sunrise. This prevents unauthorized individuals from using your phone to make calls or using fee-based services.

  • If you find the SIM card again or manage to resolve the eSIM problem, you can unblock your SIM at any time.

  • If you do need a new SIM card, you can order it online in My Sunrise.

Block / unblock SIM

In My Sunrise you can block or unblock your SIM online at any time:


Forgotten your PIN code

If you have forgotten your PIN code, please intentionally enter an incorrect PIN code 3 times. Your mobile phone then asks for the PUK code. Once you have entered this correctly, you can set a new PIN code.

Check PUK code in My Sunrise

You can check your PUK code (with an eSIM also the PIN code) in My Sunrise:

Order a new SIM

In My Sunrise you can order a new SIM card or eSIM online at any time: