Mobile ID

With Mobile ID, you can log in easily and securely to all online portals using the same PIN code.

What is Mobile ID and how does it work?

Mobile ID is your universal login for almost all online portals and online banking applications.


Secure and easy

Your Mobile ID is stored on your SIM card. In addition to the SIM card, you will need your 6-digit Mobile ID PIN code. This makes Mobile ID one of the most secure two-factor authentications in the world.


Data protection

Mobile ID works using a unique serial number. No personal data is stored in the certificate or passed on to third parties.

Requirements for Mobile ID

Sunrise mobile product:

  • Sunrise mobile subscription (Prepaid is not supported)


  • All standard smartphones

  • Tablets that can receive SMS (required for Mobile ID activation)

Operating systems:

  • Apple iOS

  • Android

  • Blackberry

  • Microsoft Windows Phone

  • Symbian

SIM card:

Set up your Mobile ID in just a few steps

Activate Mobile ID at

Then follow the instructions on your device and make a note of your Mobile ID PIN code.

The PIN code for your Mobile ID consists of six digits and is independent of the PIN code for your SIM card.

Please note: Your device must be able to receive SMS.


The PIN is only stored on your SIM card.

We at Sunrise do not know the PIN code for your Mobile ID. If you have forgotten your Mobile ID PIN, you will need to create a new Mobile ID here.


Using Mobile ID on a new phone

Your Mobile ID is stored on your SIM card. So as soon as you insert your SIM card into a new mobile phone, your Mobile ID will also work on that device.

What should you do if you have forgotten your Mobile ID PIN?

If you have forgotten your PIN or your Mobile ID is blocked, you will need to create a new Mobile ID.


Log in again on all online portals

If you create a new Mobile ID, you will have to log in to all online portals (e.g., online banking) once without using the Mobile ID and then connect to your new Mobile ID.

Mobile ID problems

Here you will find solutions to known Mobile ID problems.

Check in My Sunrise if your Mobile ID is active. If the answer is yes, please contact your online banking or service provider directly.

Please unlock your screen and try again, as some devices can only receive the request when the mobile phone is not in lock screen mode.

There has been a timeout during Mobile ID activation. Please restart the activation process.

Mobile ID normally works perfectly with mobile phones that are designed to support two SIM cards. But some auxiliary adapters (dual SIM adapters) do not support Mobile ID.

Mobile ID uses an app on the SIM card that sends encrypted text messages to the Mobile ID service while you are using the phone. Manufacturers have installed alerts on some phones that are triggered when this happens. Unfortunately, Sunrise cannot turn off these notifications. On some mobile phones, you may need to confirm that an SMS has been sent.