Here you will find help with your XPLORA Watch and information on initial setup, GPS, apps, settings, news, e-mail, security and much more.

General help with the XPLORA Watch

General information and helpful user guides are available on the XPLORA website.

Activate and set up the XPLORA Watch

To activate your XPLORA Watch, you will need the eSIM Digital voucher with QR code.
You will then need to first download the XPLORA app to your iOS or Android mobile phone:
Download-Link für App StoreDownload-Link für Google Play
Follow the instructions in the app

Follow the steps in the activation menu of the XPLORA app.

Scan the Xplora Watch QR code

Use your XPLORA app to scan the QR code shown on the display of your XPLORA Watch.
You can also find the QR code under Settings > eSIM/QR Code.

Scan the eSIM QR code

Use the XPLORA app to scan the QR code of your We Connect eSIM.
You will find the code on your purchase receipt or in the eSIM profile of your We Connect subscription in My Sunrise.

PDF quick start guide
The instructions for setting up the XPLORA X5 Play eSIM smartwatch are also available as a PDF.
Quick start guide (PDF)