Manage subscription or Prepaid product and block services

Switch subscription or Prepaid product

Switch mobile subscription

You can switch subscriptions directly through My Sunrise. All products available to you are shown together with any buy-out fees:

Switch Prepaid product

You can very simply switch to a current Prepaid product via SMS:

Switch to Sunrise Prepaid Unlimited

Send an SMS reading UNLIMITED to 5522

Switch to Sunrise Prepaid airbag

Send an SMS reading AIRBAG to 5522

We will send you a confirmation via SMS as soon as the switch to the new rate has taken place.

Switch to a mobile subscription

Visit My Sunrise if you would like to switch from a Prepaid product to a mobile subscription:

Billing after subscription switch

Your first bill after switching subscriptions will look slightly different to what you’re used to. Find out more:

Add or remove options

In My Sunrise, you can add options to your mobile product and also remove them again.

Examples of additional services include:

  • Apple Music

  • Sunrise multicard

  • Sunrise surf protect

  • Sunrise my country flat

  • and many more

Block services

Fee-based services can be quickly and simply blocked and unblocked again in My Sunrise.

Examples of services include:

  • Fee-based numbers in Switzerland

  • International calls/roaming

  • Sunrise Pay

  • Premium SMS

  • etc.