Mobile codes (USSD)

Using USSD codes, you can quickly and simply access current information about your mobile product.

You can use short key combinations to find out details such as your ongoing costs for the current month, your current Prepaid credit balance and much more.

General USSD codes

Check your ongoing costs and remaining included services for the current month

*133# call button

Check the payment status of your bills

*134# call button

Check the data volume already used up in the current month

*444# call button

Display your own mobile number

*122# call button

Please note: this is not possible with Apple devices.

Turn Sunrise mailbox on/off

Turn on: *145# call button

Turn off: #145# call button

Alert when selecting a mobile number that is with a different mobile provider

Turn on: *148# call button

Turn off: #148# call button

Info SMS with roaming rates when abroad

*135# call button

Then follow the instructions on your screen.

Check Sunrise network/third-party network

*109*phone number# call button

USSD codes for Prepaid

Check current calling time credit

*121# call button

Top up credit

With top-up code: *131*code# call button

By credit card: *137*amount# call button

By credit card (for different number): *137*amount*mobile number# call button

Important: The credit card you use must be pre-registered in My Sunrise.

Check remaining included services

*136# call button

Change language of the Sunrise Prepaid menu

*141# call button

Make calls while abroad, in countries where direct roaming calls are not possible:

*111*phone number# call button