Sunrise TV Box menu and navigation

How does the TV Guide work? How can I set up my favorites? The answers to these questions and many more regarding the operation of your Sunrise TV Box.

Main menu

In the main menu, at the very top of the screen, you have access to all available menu items. The home screen is tailored to you and includes:

  • Your favorite programs

  • Recommendations for you

  • Access to recently watched content

  • Your most recent recordings

  • Radio

  • And much more

TV Guide

In the TV guide, you will find the complete program overview for all channels for the past seven days and the next seven days.

  1. This line shows the program currently being aired.

  2. To go to the top menu, press the «HOME» button on your remote control.

  3. If you press «OK» on a Replay program, it will start playing directly. If you want to see the information or add a program to your watch list, press «...».

  4. If you press «OK» on a Replay program currently being shown, you can select whether you want to watch the program from the beginning or live.

  5. If you press «OK» on a program that is due to air, the program information will be displayed.


  • The «TV Guide» button will always take you to «Now» in the TV Guide

  • You can also jump by day using the << and >> buttons

  • You can scroll page by page using the «CH+» and «CH-» buttons

  • You can also navigate via voice control

Profiles and favorites

With the profile function, you can create up to 6 additional profiles and define a name, color and individual channel list for each one.

To create a profile, press the «Profile» button on the side of your remote control and follow the instructions on the screen. You can switch between profiles at any time using the same button.

The following settings and functions are profile-based:

  • Favorites list (including the order in the channel bar & TV Guide)

  • Menu language / audio language / subtitle settings

  • Recommendations

  • Continue watching content

  • Watchlist

All other functions and content are accessible for all profiles

Tip: You can also use the profile function to create more channel lists for yourself, such as for sports channels & children’s channels.

Profiles can also be created, used and modified via the UPC TV App.


Under Replay TV, you will find all Replay programs from the past seven days, sorted by popularity. Here, you can also filter by individual channels or days and sort alphabetically. Press the «HOME» button to access the filters.

Movies and series

In the movies & series section, you will find a selection of the latest and most popular movies and series available to rent.


Under Recordings, you will find your recordings, your watchlist, content that you can continue watching as well as the OnDemand movies and series you are currently renting.

  1. The amount of cloud storage you have used up is shown in % in the top left of the screen.

  2. If your storage is full, you will not be able to program any new recordings. To free up your storage, simply delete old programs that you no longer want to watch.


In the Apps section, you have access to a selection of popular apps, such as Netflix, YouTube and many more.


Under Settings, you will find all settings options for your Sunrise TV Box, such as «Set up favorites list», «Parental control with PIN», «Power consumption in standby», «Subtitles» and many more. For all options, you will find a text box to their right-hand side that describes what can be set up.

Channel bar

By pressing the «OK» button, you can call up the channel bar while watching a program. The channel bar gives you information about the current program as well as direct access to the past seven days as well as the next seven days. In addition, you can navigate to another channel with the arrow buttons «UP» & «DOWN» without having to stop the current program.


You can use the search function to look for any and all content, such as movies & series, actors, subject areas and much more. Alternatively, you can use the voice search instead of having to type everything in.