Connect the Sunrise IPTV Box to the Connect Box via a LAN cable

Is this the first time you are setting up your Sunrise IPTV Box? Or do you want to improve the connection between the Sunrise IPTV Box and the Connect Box? Then simply follow these step-by-step instructions and connect the LAN cable to your Sunrise IPTV Box.

Connect your Sunrise IPTV Box to your Connect Box using the LAN cable

Plug the LAN cable into the connection ports of your Connect Box and Sunrise IPTV Box as illustrated on the right.

Change the connection type

Go to the settings menu of your Sunrise IPTV Box and select «Network». Here you can select the connection type.

Select Ethernet

Now select the option «Ethernet».

Your LAN is now set up

Your Sunrise IPTV Box is now connected to the modem via LAN. If you would like to check your connection, click on «Diagnosis» and follow the next steps.

Self-diagnosis of your Sunrise IPTV Box

Your Sunrise IPTV Box initiates a self-diagnosis to measure the signal quality of your Sunrise IPTV Box.

If the connection is inadequate, follow the instructions on the TV screen.