Samsung TV

Instructions and information for all models.


Specifications for Samsung TV 55": Technical data

Specifications for Samsung TV 65": Technical data

Specifications for Samsung TV 75": Technical data


If you have any questions about repairs or DOA (Dead On Arrival), please contact Samsung via the hotline: 0800 726 786 or by e-mail:

Further information on the warranty provisions can be found here.


Delivery will not take place until your product has been activated. 

  • With a 55" TV, you will receive a myDelivery SMS/e-mail to select your pick-up or delivery method. 

  • With a 65" and a 75" TV, you will receive a call from Swiss Post to arrange a delivery date with you.

Transport damage:
In the event of visible transport damage or differences in quantity (incorrect number of packages), please contact the delivery company directly (e.g., the postal service) and as soon as possible, but within 8 days at the latest, to file an exact and detailed complaint or damage report. Please also inform us via the customer service line. 

Other existing damages are covered by the manufacturer warranty.

Sunrise hotline

Contact us by phone.


First please check if other devices in your home can access the Internet (for example, is Wi-Fi / WLAN working on your mobile phone?). If you also have no Internet connection on other devices either, you can find help here.


  1. Check the status of your connection in the Samsung TV menu under "Settings > Network > Connection > Wi-Fi": Name of the network / Not connected

  2. If "Not connected" is displayed, please select this line and then select the desired network from the network list.

  3. When entering your password, enter upper case and lower case letters correctly (e.g. abCD12eF instead of abcd12ef).

  4. If the problem persists and the Internet connection is working properly over the same Wi-Fi / WLAN network with a different device, please contact Samsung Support for further assistance.

If Samsung TV no longer turns on, you should check the cabling:

  1. Check whether the device is properly connected to a power outlet.

  2. Restart Samsung TV by disconnecting the power for ten seconds.

If Samsung TV still doesn't respond, please contact Samsung Support.