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  • Tip: You can change your WLAN (Wi-Fi) settings (name and password) online at any time in My Sunrise .

    Here you will find instructions where to find your Wi-Fi (WLAN) password and how to change it.

  • My Sunrise – More than a customer center
    Review and pay bills, manage subscriptions and options, maintain customer data – now conveniently online.

    Request a password
    When you first log in or if you have forgotten your password, you can request a new My Sunrise password here.

    Change password
    You can change your Sunrise password at any time in My Sunrise.

    Tip: With the My Sunrise SMS login , you no longer need to remember any password. We will send an SMS code to your mobile phone number that you can use to log in.
  • Sunrise mail – free e-mail service for Sunrise customers

    Request password
    Forgot password or Clear password. You can request a new Sunrise e-mail password here.

    Change password
    You can change your Sunrise e-mail password in the settings at any time. Log in to Sunrise mail and click on "Settings" => "Change password".

  • Tip: You can reset your PIN code online at any time in My Sunrise .  

    PIN code
    As the original PIN code usually will be changed, Sunrise does not know it. If you've forgotten your PIN code, please do the following to get a new one:

    1. Enter an incorrect PIN code three times. Your SIM card is now blocked and requests the PUK code.
    2. Enter your PUK code. You can access your PUK code conveniently online in My Sunrise.
    3. After you enter your PUK code, your SIM card will be unblocked again. Then you will be asked to set a new PIN code.

    PUK code
    You can access your PUK code conveniently online in My Sunrise.

  • Change password
    The password can be changed directly in the app. To do so, click on My TV / Admin / Change password.

    Password forgotten
    The password can be requested via My Sunrise at any time. Alternatively, click in the login screen for the app on "Password forgotten"

Other topics

  • TV Box PIN code

    • You will need the TV Box PIN code for certain types of content, such as the 18+ films in Video on Demand
    • The preset TV Box PIN code is 1234
    • You can set the TV Box PIN code in the TV menu in "Settings" => "TV settings" => "TV Box PIN" at any time

    Purchase PIN code

    • You will need the purchase PIN to buy additional provider packages (language packages, Teleclub, etc.) via the TV menu
    • You can choose whether your purchase PIN must also be used for offers from the On Demand Store (VOD) in the TV menu in "Settings" => "TV Settings" => "TV and Audio"
    • You can change the purchase PIN code at any time in the TV menu in "Settings" => "TV Settings" => "TV Box PIN".
  • Mobile ID PIN

    • You choose your Mobile ID PIN when you activate Mobile ID. It is only stored on the SIM card and Sunrise does not know it.
    • The Mobile ID PIN consists of six digits and is separate from the PIN code for the SIM card.
    • There is no PUK code for the Mobile ID. If you forget your Mobile ID PIN or it is blocked, you must create a new one here.
    Important: When you have created a new Mobile ID PIN, then you will have a new Mobile ID. This means you have to log in to your service provider (e.g., e-banking) once without a Mobile ID and re-establish the connection to the new Mobile ID.
  • Forgot password / Clear password
    You can reset your Netflix password on the Netflix website at any time.

  • Mailbox password

    • You will need your password to access your mailbox while abroad or from another phone.
    • If you do not know your password, use your mobile phone to call the mailbox at 076 333 33 33 and press button 9 to go to the menu.
    • Now press button 4 to go to "Password".
    • You can set a new password here (button 1) or have the password sent to you by SMS (button 2).
    • The password consists of six randomly selected digits that do not have a recognizable number pattern (e.g. 111111, 123456). In addition, it should not be easy to guess from the knowledge of public information about the owner (e.g. birthday, telephone number).

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