Passwords and logins

Here, you will find an overview of all passwords and logins for Sunrise.

My Sunrise password

All information on your My Sunrise password is available here:

Wi-Fi password

Here, you will find instructions for all Sunrise modems, information on where you can find the Wi-Fi password and how to change it:

Sunrise mail password

Forgot your password? Here, you can request a new Sunrise mail password at any time.


Change Sunrise mail password

You can change your Sunrise mail password at any time in your settings. Log into Sunrise mail and click on «Settings» => «Change password».



Keep your password secure, keep it secret and don’t share it with anyone. Sunrise will never ask you to disclose your password by e-mail or SMS.

If you receive such a request, delete it immediately without replying. This always involves fraud with the aim of gaining access to your account.

PIN & PUK code

Since the original PIN code is usually changed, Sunrise does not know it. If you have forgotten your PIN code, please intentionally enter the wrong PIN code three times. Afterwards, your mobile phone will ask for the PUK code. As soon as you have entered it correctly, you can set a new PIN code.

You can simply retrieve your PUK code online in My Sunrise:



All information on PIN and PUK codes is available here.

Sunrise TV PIN code

The default PIN code* for Sunrise TV is: 0000

You can change the PIN code at any time via the TV menu. To do so, select «Parental control» in the settings and then «Change PIN».



For the Sunrise TV Box UHD (white box and remote control), the default PIN code is 1234

Sunrise TV App login

Log in with your My Sunrise login details. Your username is either your email address, mobile number, customer number or landline number.

Not got a My Sunrise login yet? You can register easily in just a few clicks.

Netflix password

Forgot your password? You can reset your Netflix password at any time on the Netflix web page.

Mobile ID PIN

All information about Mobile ID is available here:

Sunrise mailbox password

You will need your mailbox password to access your Sunrise mailbox while abroad or from another phone. If you don’t know your mailbox password, proceed as follows:

  1. Call your mailbox at 076 333 33 33 from your mobile phone and press the 9 button to access the menu.

  2. Now press the 4 button to go to the menu option «Password».

  3. Here, you can set a new password (press 1) or have the password sent to you by SMS (press 2).



Your Sunrise mailbox password should consist of six randomly selected digits, without a recognizable number pattern (111111, 123456, etc.). It shouldn’t be easy to guess (avoid birthdays, phone numbers, etc.).