Are Sunrise Powerline adapters in different speed classes (200, 500, 650, 1200) compatible?

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Yes, the products in different speed classes are fully compatible with one another. In a mixed network, every adapter connects to every other adapter at the highest possible speed. Independently of the other adapters in the network. For example, in a network consisting of one 200 Mbit/s adapter and two 500 Mbit/s adapters, the 200 Mbit/s adapter will connect with the 500 Mbit/s adapters at 200 Mbit/s. At the same time, the 500 Mbit/s adapters will connect to each other at the full 500 Mbit/s speed. The only exceptions here are old devices with speeds of 14 and 85 Mbit/s. Unfortunately, these are no longer compatible with modern products.

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