Sunrise eSIM

eSIM – The next generation of SIM cards

  • With the eSIM voucher (eSIM voucher with QR code), connect your device with the mobile network without a physical SIM card. The eSIM is recommended for using additional phone numbers with the same smartphone (dual SIM mode, currently only possible with the latest iPhones).
  • The "e" stands for embedded, since the eSIM is incorporated into the device and cannot be removed.
  • Simply turn on your device, and download and install your eSIM profile via an active Internet connection, such as WLAN. This makes the switch to Sunrise even easier.
  • You can get your eSIM voucher at any Sunrise shop.

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  • Functionality
    An eSIM consists of two components:

    • The eSIM chip, which is permanently installed in the device and stores eSIM profiles.
    • The eSIM profile, which is your personal SIM profile and contains all required information. You simply download your profile to your device; the download process differs depending on your device.


    • eSIM is currently available for Sunrise mobile subscription customers only; Prepaid is not supported at this time.
    • With your current number, you can switch from a traditional SIM card to eSIM, as long as your device supports eSIM technology.
    • If you switch to a different provider, your Sunrise eSIM profile becomes inactive and unusable.
    • You can use eSIM abroad as well; it is no different than your traditional SIM card.
    • You can get your eSIM voucher at any Sunrise shop.
  • With an eSIM voucher
    If you are signed up for a rate with an eSIM-compatible device, Sunrise will give you an eSIM voucher with an activation code, also called a QR code. With this QR code, you can download all the information you need to activate your eSIM profile. Use the camera of your device and scan the QR code, to download the eSIM profile. Please refer to your device operating instructions for additional information.

    With an app
    The process depends on your device; please refer to your device operating instructions.

  • Apple Watch Series 3
    Download eSIM profile via iPhone app. Instructions for Apple Watch Series 3.

    Apple Watch Series 4
    Download eSIM profile via iPhone app. Instructions for Apple Watch Series 4.

    Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE
    Download the eSIM profile through the Galaxy Wearable app. Instructions for Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE.

    Microsoft Surface Pro LTE
    Download eSIM profile via Sunrise eSIM voucher. Please read the operating instructions for your device.

    Apple iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR
    We recommend using a physical Sunrise SIM card as your first SIM card (SIM 1) for these devices. The devices support the use of a second SIM card. The second SIM card (SIM 2) is installed as an eSIM on the devices.
    You can get an eSIM in the form of an eSIM voucher with a QR code at any Sunrise shop, and then use it to install the eSIM profile on your iPhone.
    Important! Only physical SIM cards (SIM 1) support Mobile ID. This service cannot be used in conjunction with the eSIM (SIM 2).

    Additional devices such as tablets, fitness trackers, smart glasses, bikes and smartphones to follow.

  • eSIM profile deleted
    You can download your eSIM profile again to the same device at no charge. To do so, please use your eSIM voucher.

    eSIM voucher lost
    Please visit a Sunrise shop near you, and get a new eSIM voucher there.

    Mobile phone lost
    Block your eSIM immediately in My Sunrise.

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