Installment Payment

With the installment payment option, you can split large sums into up to 8 installments.

We charge a service surcharge of CHF 5.- on each agreed installment amount. The fees will be listed on a one-time basis on the next bill.

This is particularly interesting with larger investments such as a new mobile device, laptop or TV. But you can also conveniently split smaller sums into several parts with installment payments.

Requirements for installment payments

You must meet the following criteria to apply for installment payments:

  • Total amount: May not exceed CHF 5,000

  • Number of installments: You can choose a minimum of two and a maximum of eight installments.

  • Amount per installment: The minimum amount per installment may not be lower than CHF 50.

  • Fees: We charge a service surcharge of CHF 5 on each agreed installment amount.

  • Check your eligibility for installment payments: You can find out whether you meet the requirements for installment payments in your My Sunrise customer portal.

Payment terms

At the start of your installment payment period, you will receive an installment payment agreement which will list all installments. The respective installments will be charged directly with your monthly bill and listed there.

You can view and pay your bills in our customer portal My Sunrise.

Apply for installment payment

After verifying that you meet the requirements for installment payments, you can apply directly in your My Sunrise customer portal.

What should you do if your installment payment request is rejected?
If you do not pass the eligibility check in your My Sunrise customer portal and are denied installment payments, this could be due to a number of reasons:

  • The total amount exceeds CHF 5'000

  • The total amount is lower than CHF 100

  • If you have a debt collection on record, please contact the responsible institute directly.

Perhaps you don’t meet all of the previously mentioned requirements? Please get in touch so that we can advise you.

Notes on the use of installment payment

Over the course of the installment payment agreement, certain services will be temporarily unavailable or only available to a limited extent.

  • Restriction of your services:

    The following services will not be available to you for the duration of your installment payments:

    • Mobile & landline: value-added services (numbers starting with 09xx)

    • Mobile only: Premium SMS, Sunrise Pay & Google Play

    Once payment for your last installment has been received, you can reactivate the above services. To do so, log in to your My Sunrise customer account.

  • You will not be able to order additional Sunrise products:

    For the duration of your installment payments, you will only be able to purchase Prepaid products from Sunrise.