First bill is too high

New Sunrise customer?

If you are a new customer, you will receive two bills within the first 30 days.

Interim bill in the first month

You will receive your first bill immediately on the start date of your new subscription.

This bill includes the prorated subscription fees from the start of the subscription until the end of the month. The additional services that you use in the first month will be billed in the following month.

If you incurred any service fees, these will also be listed here.

First bill at the start of the new month

You will receive your first complete Sunrise bill at the start of the new month.

This contains the basic subscription fees, which are charged in advance at the beginning of the month.
Furthermore, this bill will list the additional services you used in the previous month.

Sunrise customer with a new product?

If you are already a Sunrise customer and have switched your subscription or purchased a new product, your first bill after purchasing the new subscription has a few differences:

First bill after switching subscriptions

If you change your subscription during the course of a month, we will charge you the new subscription fees on a prorated basis the following month.

The subscription fees will appear twice on your bill for that month:
On the first line, the new subscription fee will be prorated from the date of the switch until the end of the month. The new subscription fee for the current billing month is shown in full on the second line.

The costs of your old Sunrise subscription will be credited on a prorated basis in the Corrections section.

First bill after purchasing a new subscription

You will receive your first Sunrise bill in the month after the subscription is activated.

You will be charged for the previous month on a prorated basis, depending on the date on which your subscription started. The second month will be charged in advance by default.

Accordingly, the subscription fees are listed twice on your first bill.